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1201 Montauk Highway
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Welcome to Quick Cash Auto® Inc.

We are the largest pre-owned vehicle purchasing service on Long Island, New York. Our highly-qualified sales professionals make it their personal mission to get you fast and easy cash for your pre-owned car- with minimal effort or hassle. We are a registered corporation in the State of New York. We provide fast, professional financial quotes for pre-owned cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs), helping Long Island residents quickly sell their vehicles and get money in their pockets. If you are in the market to get lightning-fast cash for your vehicle, you have come to the right place. Call 1-888-748-9910 right now to speak with one of our car-buying specialists.

Conveniently located in central Long Island at 1201 Montauk Highway in Copiague, our sales professionals will appraise your vehicle at a moment’s notice and make you a competitive offer on the spot for your vehicle, regardless of its year, make, model, or body style. We buy most vehicles regardless of your financial situation, including leased or financed cars with an active balance.

Quick Cash Auto Inc. is experienced in negotiating your loan and/or lease pay-off, regardless of the amount of money you may owe or the amount of time remaining on your lease. We are proficient in working with banks and other financial institutions to pay off your vehicle, as well as facilitating all of the necessary paperwork required. Simply contact us at 1-888-748-9910 with your vehicle information and title and we take care of the rest.

With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, our team automotive-savvy professionals are intimately familiar with every possible aspect of the business. This advantage allows us to offer you top dollar for your car, truck, or SUV. Your vehicle does not have to be in mint or pristine condition; our expert appraisal staff will evaluate your car, including its mileage and condition, and offer you the best possible price on the spot. We will have a quote for your pre-owned vehicle to you within minutes, offering you both piece of mind and a competitive and fair cash figure that you can bank on.

In addition to being the largest pre-owned vehicle purchasing service on Long Island, Quick Cash Auto is also co-owner of Long Island’s largest used car dealership- Long Island Auto Find Inc., conveniently located right next door. This makes us the ideal choice for getting you out of your current vehicle and into a newer, certified, quality pre-owned vehicle in less time than it takes to think about it. Once your car is sold, simply walk next door, cash in-hand, to select from hundreds of top-quality pre-owned vehicles on Long Island Auto Find’s lot; each and every one ready to be delivered to you on the spot, fast and easy.

Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Quick Cash Auto for all of your car, truck, or SUV selling needs.

First of all, Quick Cash Auto has a proven track record over its many years of service of helping Long Islanders sell their pre-owned vehicles, regardless of their make or model. We actively purchase vehicles seven days a week, and the large volume of sales we process day in and day out has cemented our position as New York’s number one pre-owned vehicle purchaser, bar none. Quick Cash Auto offers fast vehicle assessments and evaluations with no appointments; very fair price quotes; a streamlined, fast sales process; friendly, honest, and knowledgeable staff; the ability to cut through red tape and negotiate customers out of pre-existing leases; and a track record that places Quick Cash Auto as second-to-none in the industry.

Not wanting to get bogged down in an expansive, time-consuming sales process? Not looking for the pratfalls and hazards normally associated with private vehicle sales? Quick Cash Auto cuts through all of the hassle; just drive on down to our lot, conveniently located on Montauk Highway in Copiague, for a free evaluation and assessment of your car, truck, or SUV, without the need for any appointment.

Our experience in the field has allowed us to acquire a team of automotive specialists who are available at any time to look over your vehicle and, after a fast yet comprehensive inspection, make you an on-the-spot cash offer. There’s no call-backs or no double-talk; just some minor paperwork and cash in your pocket, in addition to the satisfaction that comes with experiencing the easiest and most beneficial business transaction of your life.

That transaction will be made all the more palatable by the fact that Quick Cash Auto offers the most competitive price quotes for your pre-owned car, truck, or SUV in the industry. How do we do this? The, the facts are simple- most automotive purchasers will take the vehicle they just low-balled you on, turn around, and sell it at an auction, where they very often receive bids well under the vehicle’s current market value; most dealers do this just for the fast turnaround time and to make a fast, easy buck at the expense of their customers. However, at Quick Cash Auto, we sell cars exclusively at retail, not at auctions; therefore, because we sell for current market value, we can afford to pay current market value as well, ensuring that our customers get as much money for their vehicles as possible. At Quick Cash Auto, we’re not out to make a an extra buck on the back son our valued customers; instead, we want to put an extra buck in their pockets.

Quick Cash Auto also offers a fast check-out process with minimal paperwork; just show up at our lot with your vehicle and title, and you can walk off the same day with money in your hand and the piece of mind that comes with knowing that you just got the best deal possible for your sale. Leasing a vehicle but want out of it? Quick Cash Auto specializes in negotiating customers out of leases, freeing them up to move onto a vehicle more within their price range.

In today's harsh economy, more and more people are finding themselves experiencing financial shortfalls and selling off their vehicles; they either need to get the money fast to get out of the bind that they find themselves in, or they simply need to downgrade their current lifestyle temporarily until things improve. But no matter what the reason, the thing these people share in common is that they need money, and Quick Cash Auto is the industry leader in getting them that money. We promise to work hard to help you in each and every way that we can to get the funds your so desperately need in as little time as possible.

As you can see, when it comes to selling your car, truck, or SUV, no one compares to the comprehensive services offered by Quick Cash Auto; the industry leader in New York State in purchasing quality pre-owned vehicles! Come on down today and find out why we are number one.

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Quick Cash Auto offers a variety of services centered around one important goal- getting you the most money for your car as quickly as possible.

First of all, we offer comprehensive assessments of your vehicle that adhere to the very highest of industry standards; our attention to detail and quality is what sets us apart from other vehicle purchasers and have elevated us to the very top of our field.

Without any need for an appointment, a customer can arrive at our lot and expect to be seen immediately by one of our automotive experts for an on-the-spot evaluation and assessment of their car, truck, or SUV; a comprehensive inspection will be carried out in the smallest amount of time possible, leading to the reason you came to the lot to begin with- an immediate cash offer for your vehicle! With a minimum of paperwork, you can find yourself walking off of our lot with a successful sale and money in your pocket. All you need is your title and just a little time.

Quick Cash Auto offers extremely competitive prices for pre-owned vehicles; because we will be re-selling them in a retail environment as opposed to an low-big auction like most other vehicle purchasers, we can offer you the very best prices in exchange for your car, truck, or SUV.

Another service Quick Cash Auto offers directly addresses the difficult economic times we live in- in particular, the many people who lease cars can run into financial hardships later and find themselves unable to cope with the monthly payments they had previously agreed to. In these cases, they may feel trapped and financially hamstrung, but we offer a solution to all of their problems.

Quick Cash Auto possesses a team of financial experts that specialize in handling pre-existing leases on vehicles, enabling our customers to quickly and easily negotiate a pay-off amount for early termination of their loan; we will get you out of that agreement, any balance from the sale of your vehicle will be paid directly to you. This way, you can get out of a financially binding and stifling vehicle contract and use the sale of your leased vehicle as a springboard to buying a quality pre-owned vehicle more within your price range.

And this leads us to yet another service that Quick Cash Auto offers- our partnership with Long Island Auto Find, the New York area’s premiere pre-owned vehicle dealership. Located next door to the Quick Cash Auto offices, Long Island Auto Find offers an expansive lot filled with only the best pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs available at prices that can’t be beat. Auto Find also offers top-of-the-line financial assistance and the ability to get people with bad credit or even NO credit the financing they need to get the car they want.

When it comes to selling your car, Quick Cash Auto is proven as an industry leader; with on-the-spot evaluations, instant offers, the fairest price quotes in the business, the ability to cut through any red tape that a customer might be entangled in, and a reputable partner who knows how to put people behind the wheel of a quality vehicle that they can afford, Quick Cash Auto gets you the money you need as quickly as you need it- guaranteed.

Quick Cash Auto invites you to learn more information about our business, cash trade-in incentives or vehicles by contacting us right now.  Quick Cash is always available to help our customers so please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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