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Planning on Making Upgrades?

Posted by Anna Finger On April - 11 - 2012

Many vehicle owners sit around and dream of making upgrades to their vehicles, including installing premium stereo systems, speakers, chrome rims, exhausts, nitrous racing systems and more. Unfortunately, what many of these individuals don’t realize is that they may have a hard time not only selling their upgraded vehicles, but even getting the fair market value for such vehicles. While an upgraded vehicle may be worth more to an upgraded-vehicle owner and other connoisseurs of vehicle upgrades, the fact is, when it comes time to sell a vehicle, you may not be able to get a fair price for the time, energy, work and cost you’ve put in.

Most dealerships and private buyers will want to take in vehicles which are in their original factory conditions. This means that extras, such as MP3 players, televisions and performance boosters, are often looked at unfavorably. Even if you’ve spent thousands of dollars or more in upgrades to your vehicle, a private buyer or dealership will view these items as a hindrance, not a benefit. This also means that you will often be offered much less than your vehicle is worth when trying to sell it, and much less than your upgrades are worth. Additionally, your work, energy and time will typically not be factored into the price a private buyer or dealership is willing to offer.

One solution, however, is to seek out the services of a car buyer. Car buyers generally employ automotive experts, and these experts will be able to thoroughly inspect your vehicle to get a greater sense of the overall value. This means that they will be able to see the value in the upgrades you’ve made to a vehicle, including the value of the time, energy and work you’ve put in. Car buyers are also great at deciding how to market a vehicle for resale should the need arise. While dealerships often try to tout their vehicles as 100% factory, a car buyer will be able to market an upgraded vehicle for what it is: a vehicle which has been cared for, upgraded, pampered and worked on.

If you’re trying to sell your vehicle, and you’ve made significant upgrades to it, don’t waste any time trying to get a decent price from a dealership or a private buyer. Contact a car buyer to discuss your options, and get on your way to receiving a fair price today.

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