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Strange But True: Interesting Automobile Trivia

Posted by Anna Finger On January - 17 - 2011

Every once in a great while, there comes an article about cars that completely changes the way that the automobile industry is viewed. There is little doubt that this article is not one of those literary works. However, there is something to be said for the humor, randomness, and refreshing fun that is involved in an article focused on interesting car facts and trivia. With more than a century of history, the automobile industry has a laundry list of cool facts and intriguing trivia with regard to vehicles that is fun to delve into.

Maybe it is most fitting that we begin with cool facts from the history of the automobile. While there are many cool facts that can be explored, here are some of the more interesting ones.

-The very first automobile insurance policy was bought in 1897
-In the 1920s Ford automobiles actually cost less than they did in 1909 because of increased accuracy and efficiency during assembly. A Model T cost about $850 in 1909 but a similar model was only around $300 a little more than a decade later.
-Windshield wipers were originally invented by a New York City woman named Mary Anderson in 1902.
-Until the early 1920s car owners actually had to estimate how much fuel they had in their car because vehicles did not have gas gauges.

While car history facts can be cool to read about, there are many other topics within the realm of interesting automobile trivia. For instance, trivia regarding unusual or exotic cars can be very cool to learn about.
-Hong Kong is the city with the highest concentration of Rolls Royce cars per driver in the world.
-Exotic car company Ferrari produces a maximum of 14 cars per day.
-The very first Porsche 911, which was produced in 1964 and had an overall power output of 130BHP.
-The smallest car on earth that can fit a human inside is called the Peel P50. The car can go only 35mph and it weighs less than 150 pounds.

Random factoids about the car industry are ones that may be hard to categorize at times but are often unique, intriguing, and fun to pass on in conversation to friends, loved ones, and coworkers.
-As of 2010, the state of California has issued at least six standard motor vehicle licenses to people named “Jesus Christ”.
-Airbags take about 40 milliseconds to inflate during an auto accident.
-A car horn in good working order plays the musical note “F”.
-Some of the most popular things for people to do while driving a car are listening to the radio, talk on a cellular phone, and pick their nose.

The facts and cool statistics in this article are just a few of the millions of unique facts that deal with the auto industry. With the pervasive nature of the internet, it is relatively simple to find more fun facts about cars including silly laws, world records, exotic models, history, or just random trivia that becomes a good conversation starter. Maybe this article will not change the way the auto industry is viewed but it may be a fair bet that you learned something by reading it that you did not know before.

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