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I Can't Sell My Car, Now What?

author By Anna Finger
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Find out how our service keeps you from answering emails and taking calls to sell your car. We eliminate the aggravation caused by selling privately.

Cannot Sell Car

Today’s economy has been tough on everyone, and sometimes the average person can find themselves in the most dreaded of debt up to their ears, and desperately looking for way out. A person in that situation might turn towards one of the more desirable and potentially lucrative items in their possession to sell off to gain much-needed funds- namely, their car. However, sometimes this plan, as solid as it may sound on paper, might not always work in reality. Yes, the economy is slowly improving, and that is having a direct affect on the state of the car market, but what if that recovery isn’t enough to help you out of your current situation?

All is not lost, on to discover how what the best situation is in which to sell your car, and when to perhaps consider other options for money instead.

A situation you might find yourself in is that the car in question is “upside down,” or not actually worth what is owed against it. One solution to this problem is that you could continue making payments until the car id finally to the point where it is worth more than the debt placed upon it; however, if time if of the essence, this way could still prove problematic, but this will eventually solve the problem with the added side-benefit of improving your credit score; this will provide a multitude of dividends for you down the road when you got to take out a loan or apply for a job.

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Another issues could be that the monthly payments on your current car are simply more than you can afford on your current income; perhaps times were better when you first made the purchase and, though no fault of your own, harder times have decreased the financial resources that you have at hand. Instead of selling off your car right away, perhaps a second job is a consideration you should weigh. With today’s economy, jobs can be scarce, but there are there for those who are looking hard enough for them. A second occupation might be tough on your personal time, but when considering the possibility of having your car repossessed and the hit that your credit rating would take as a result, and the decision should be quite clear, especially if it’s a good car that serves your purposes well.

However, if you’re NOT in a bad way and are just looking to sell your car for reasons that transcend the mere desperation for money right then and there, then there is hope for you yet. Many people are turning to automotive selling specialists; dealers who have built up reputations - backed up by honesty and fair play - of putting our car on the open market, handling the transaction, and getting you the best price possible. No hassles, just trust and, eventually, money in your hand once they’ve made that sale for you.

So, the decision is yours- should you keep your car and tough it out, or sell it off?