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Sell A Car That Is Not Running

author By Anna Finger
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Find out how our service keeps you from answering emails and taking calls to sell your car. We eliminate the aggravation caused by selling privately.

Sell Your Dead Car

There are several different ways to sell a car that is not running. One way to sell and make a profit on a car is that not running is to put your car up for sale in the local newspapers, or online websites that have free selling classified ads. It is important to advertise your vehicle as a "project vehicle" so that people know that the car isn't functioning. One can usually land a buyer

There are even some dealerships out there that are willing to trade in or buy a car that is not running. A few phone calls and searches may find you able to sell

Free Quote: Cash For Your Vehicle

Another way to sell a car that is not running is to check out the local junk yards in your area and make some phone calls to see how much money they will give you for your car. They may not offer a significant sum of money, but in most cases, they will give you a few hundred dollars or more and even come with a truck and tow

Another way to make some money on your non-functioning car is to not physically sell it yourself, but you can take the parts and sell them separately. You can do this by listing the items online for sale, or in your local papers and be sure to give good information of the year of the car, what model it is, and what make. Listing the part number on the part is good if you can find it. Spare parts to your car that are not worth something can be worth something to someone else.