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Sell Car Without Title

author By Anna Finger
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Car Without Title

Depending on the laws in your neighborhood, you may or may not be able to sell your car without a title. Before you try to sell your car without a title, you should talk to your local DMV to see if it is possible, or even legal. Even if it is legal to sell your car without a title, most buyers are usually very hard up to purchase them.

A car's title proves who owns the vehicle. Most car titles contain the same basic information: owner's name and address, make, model, color and mileage at time of purchase. If you try to register a car without a title, it may be a problem because the DMV then has no way of knowing if you are the true owner.

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Most cars that are sold without titles are because the title is in the possession of a third party, due to loans. In these cases, the seller should either pay off the balance of the loan before selling the vehicle, or arrange for the car to be sold while the lien holder transfers the title to the new owner.

Some just lose the title to the vehicle they are attempting to sell. Obtaining a replacement isn't hard, but there may be some cases where that is not an option. If this becomes the case, you must either fill out a "lost title" form at your local DMV office, or go through a title service.

These normally work by providing you (for a fee) with a bill of sale for your vehicle, which you then take to the DMV and obtain a title. Before using a title service, check the laws in your state.