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Want To Find A Cheap Car For Cash

author By Anna Finger
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Cheap Car

Everyone wants to find a cheap car that they can pay for in straight cash. The problem is that most of us don't know where to look. If buying a cheap car is important, one should follow these steps, and the chances are, you will find your match.

The first and most obvious rule is to always look where cheap cars are being sold. Start with the classified section in the newspaper or a regional classified paper. Many cars that are cheap are up for grabs for only a limited time. You have to make sure you always keep your eyes open for the greatest deals, for in most cases, they are on a first come, first serve basis.

The Internet local classifieds are another spot to keep an eye on. You can occasionally find a good, cheap car for cash at a "buy here, pay here" used car dealership. Some of these cars won't be trustworthy, but if you know cars, you might be able to find a real deal in one of these places.

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The second rule is to put the word out that you're looking. There are a lot of cars out there that will never make it into the classified section, in that if the owner were approached with a great offer, he'd jump on it. You'll just have to keep your eyes open and tell folks that you are in the market. There's always the chance of finding a car with a "for sale" sign on it and if the owner is motivated to sell, he'll probably take cash on the spot and let it go for below the asking price. If not, leave your name and number in case it doesn't sell. You may get a call.

The third rule for finding a cheap car for cash is to check with the mechanics and tow trucks in your area. These businesses will sometimes end up with a car that came in to be repaired, or was once a tow that no one ever came back to claim. These cars can go up for sale for next to nothing so that the mechanic or tow driver can cover his costs.

Banks and credit unions occasionally get stuck with a cheap car that was collateral on a loan. Financial institutions are far from the car selling business, so if they ever have one of these cars, they will usually unload it for very cheap.